Competence Building for HVAC specialist

The HVAC Technician Course prepares you for entry-level employment as an HVAC Specialist Technician.

The HVAC training program includes theory, control, and diagnostics covering commercial Central Air condition (powerhouse), gas heat, heat pumps, and air conditioning.

The HVAC Technician Specialist program offers an opportunity for participants to learn the skills adfnecessary to enter the field of heating, Ventilation and Air condition ( including cooling and refrigeration) while also exploring methods for communicating effectively with the customer and solving problems.

The program provides everything needs to know to calculate and design, install, service, and maintain air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems.


  • Theoretical Education on HVAC Design and Calculation
  • Practical Training on HVAC Installation, Maintenance and Technical Services on Troubleshooting
  • Theoretical Education and Practical training HVAC smart Control methodology
  • Fundamental discussion on Boverket OVK ( Compulsory Ventilation Control Check- Certified special function controllers) requirements


Program Detail:

HVAC Technician 1: Theoretical Course on HVAC design and process simulation

–           Principle of Heat and Mass Transfer and Energy Balance

–           The principle of HAVC technology and calculation

–           The principle of HVAC design and process simulation

–           The principle of Micro simulation of CFD based on Design Builder- CFD code

HVAC Technician 2: Practical Course on fundamentals of the HVAC installation

–           The fundamentals of the HVAC installation, Maintenance and Technical Services on troubleshooting. The course will be based on Neon education panel of Powerhouse Central heat and cooling system as well as Boiler, Chiller, Burner, heat pumps, Pipes, splits and packages, etccode

HVAC Technician 3: Practical Course on Smart Control methodology

–           Smart Control methodology course concentrates on achieving the deliverable rather than explaining control methodology on how do we control different systems? What are we trying to achieve? What equipment is used and how does it work? Suitable for all engineers involved in the design and maintenance of HVAC systems

HVAC Technician 4: Fundamental discussion on Boverket OVK

–           Our Fundamental discussion on Boverket OVK ( Compulsory Ventilation Control Check- Certified special function controllers ) discuss the fundamental concepts and requirements to achieve the OVK certificate from the Boverket.


Course Outline:   ,


– Lecture on“ Advanced Heat & Mass transfer”: 5 hour.

– Lecture on“ Principles of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD)”: 5 hours

– Learning and training with Design Builder Software (DB): 15 hours



– Make a geometry and visualize it

– Heating and cooling design based on Energy plus engine and Ashare weather data for different building zones and different time

– HVAC design and operation

– Energy simulation over a time period (days, months and years) for different zone

– CFD simulation to analyse the impact of different parameters and objectives on the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

– Performing a practical projects using DB under supervision of teachers:


Smart HVAC systems also can help to minimize the maintenance complexity for the occupants and operators. By offloading a little bit of the complexity to smart HVAC systems, a better environment for kljhthe people who occupy your building will be achieved.


The Macro simulation based on Design Builder simulation tool (the detail HVAC module) will be employed to provide accurate information on how buildings utilize energy, helping building owners to identify energy waste, adjust automated systems, and ultimately save money by reducing excess expenditures.


In the following the micro CFD simulation tool (again Design builder CFD) will be employed to provide a detail indoor air quality information as well as  local weather information helping with design optimization of the  measure energy consumption on different HVAC schedules, , and energy interval data.