Inspection on the Building Control Control ( Boverket- PBL)

A Control Manager under the PBA, abbreviated KA, sometimes also referred to as certified control manager, must help the developer to ensure that all checks are made as necessary to the requirements of the construction law. When performing most of the construction, demolition or marklovpliktiga and notification measures shall be responsible for checks. In the Planning and Building Act 10th chapter defines what the demands placed on control manager, and what his duties are.

The main requirements imposed on a control manager is that he must have the knowledge, experience and aptitude needed, and that he has an independent position in relation to the person performing the action that should be checked. The requirement for the kontrollansvariges independence regulated in Kaar – Board’s general advice on the kontrollansvariges independent status.


Control manager’s main tasks is to develop the builder’s plan for the control (self-control under the PBA) and be sure to check the compliance. It must be ensured that the relevant checks, claims on them must therefore be involved in the control plan and should also be performed. And that the rules and conditions are complied with. In case of deviations, the building owner is informed and necessary the Planning announced, for example, would be in the event that the deviations affect the structural resistance and stability the latter could be justified. If a declaration of performance is suspected to be inaccurate or misleading shall be reported to the National Board of Housing