Every delivery is equally important

Our long experience at the university of applied sciences means that we know the rules that a course delivery entails. It covers everything from the creation of lesson planning and materials to exams, results and grading. In recent years, we have also gained a good feel for what is required for distance learning and how it differs from classroom teaching.


Trainer introduction

Our trainers undergo a trainer introduction to feel secure in their role before the start of the course. We go through the rules that exist, how to put together a lesson plan, timeframes for delivery and also give a lot of tips on what to think about in the classroom. They also often hold a trial lecture for us where we can coach them further.


Dialogue and support

Both before, during and after course delivery, we have a close dialogue with our trainers to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the class is satisfied. In between, certain adjustments need to be made in layout and planning, something we assist with if necessary. Of course, we are also in regular contact with the responsible education leader to coordinate ideas regarding the delivery.