This is an Executive MBA from Sweden, one of the most innovative countries in the world. A program for people with a passion for business development and learning, and with the drive to enhance their skills and their network. Challenge yourself with 405 h (135 p) long Executive MBA, delivered part-time, with electives in Low Energy House & Green House and Petroleum Industry; If you are motivated and ready to commit yourself – do it!

When it comes to choosing an Executive MBA, there is a lot to be taken into consideration. The content of the program, its reputation, the potential network you’ll gain, but also the location and setting of the school. Here we are proud to offer you Stockholm, a city in motion filled with opportunities, and the capital of Scandinavia.

Our MBA will help you grow to take on broader responsibilities more efficiently, sharpen your analytical skills and financial understanding. You will create a new professional skills set and build a valuable network without putting your career on hold. But most of all, you will grow as a person.



The program consists of modules, courses, live streams and skills seminars. A module is a collection of courses of varying size and length grouped together around a common theme. A course is a unit that often takes an academic sub-discipline as a starting point.

Program: Executive MBA for Energy Management (135 points)

  • Low Energy/ Passive House
  • New Energy
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Energy economy
  • Energy & Environment

Study Plan EMBA 2017/2018

Module 1: Theory and general information Credits Location/Date
SE-M1-110: Heat and Mass Transfer 5  To be Define Later
SE-M1-111: Smart Control 5
SE-M1-112: CFD ( Computational Fluid Dynamic) 5
SE-M1-113: Smart Energy Balance 5
SE-M1-114: Energy & the Society 5
SE-M1-115: Governance of Complex Energy Projects 5
SE-M1-116: Leadership analytics of the energy sector for the future 5
SE-M1-117: Future of The Energy Sector – Impact on Business & Management 5
SE-M1-118: Consultancy Project 5
Module 2: Low Energy Passive House Credits Location/Date
SE-M2-210: Ventilation Design 7.5
SE-M2-211: BEMS ( Building Energy Management system) 7.5
Module 3:  New Energy Credits Location/Date
SE-M3-310: Solar Energy 7.5
SE-M3-311: Wind Energy 7.5
Geothermal, Biomass
Module 4: Petroleum Industry Credits Location/Date
 SE-M4-410: The Oil Fundamentals 7.5  OSLO/Norway
SE-M4-411: The Gas & Power Business 7.5  OSLO/Norway
Module 5:  Energy economy Credits Location/Date
SE-M5-510: Energy Governance, Law, Policy & Regulations 7.5
SE-M5-511: Project Evaluation, Financing & Risk Management 7.5
Module 6: Energy & Environment Credits Location/Date
SE-M6-610: Energy Transition in a Carbon Constrained World 7.5
SE-M6-611: Business Models for Green Energy Transition 7.5
Module 7: Final Projects Credits Location/Date
SE-M7-710: Low Energy/ Passive House 30  Stockholm
SE-M7-711: New Energy 30  Stockholm
SE-M7-118: Petroleum Industry 30  Stockholm
SE-M7-712: Energy economy 30  Stockholm
SE-M7-713: Energy & Environment 30  Stockholm
Consultancy Project Presentation and Graduation Location/Date