New organization and new strategy

Stockholm School of Energy (SSE AB)- New organization for consultant digital teaching for Yrkeshögskoleutbildningar in Swedish


The Stockholm School of Energy (SSE AB) has been “Re-Organized” toward a more efficient cooperation within digital consultant teaching for Yrkeshögskoleutbildningar in Swedish (Higher Vocational Education -HVE).


The new board of teaching contains:


I. Dr. Jafar Mahmoudi

PhD at KTH in 1999. “Lecturer” at KTH university since 2018- Now within sustainable production with special focus on Energy and material technologies. Adjunct professor and Guest Professor at MDU, Västeras, from 2005-2012. Chief scientist and Professor II at IRIS and UiS, Stavanger, Norway from 2007-2015.


II. Senior professor Erik Dahlquist

PhD at KTH in 1991 (in parallel with the work at ASEA/ABB). Adjunct professor at KTH, Royal inst of Technology 1997-2000. Full professor at Malardalen University, Vasteras, from May 1, 2000.


III. Hans Eek – The active passive house advocate

He helped develop passive house technology and has been rewarded for his hard work to ensure that it continues to develop and spread. Now Hans Eek wants to build plus-energy houses with the help of crowdfunding and use passive house technology to cool houses in Africa.


IV. MSc Larz Inberg

R&D Director Outokumpu Copper R&D (1998-2005), Director, Technology, Luvata Rolled Products Division (2007-2011), Technology Director, Aurubis Sweden AB (2011-2014), Head of Steel Value Chain Development, Triple Steelix (2015-2020), Project manager, IUC Dalarna AB (2017- Now).


V. Bertil Wanner

KTH Production Technology Lecturer (2010-Now), 20 years experience in Industrial Manufacturing & Production in Aerospace and Automotive Industries.


VI. MSc. Monireh Noohian

Designer and R&D expert at Pars Sanat Tahvieh Co. –Air Conditioning Company, (2021-Now)/ Instructor at Azad University, (2021-2022)/ Administrator of training courses conducted by Stockholm School of Energy (2020-Now)

We are also having a number of consulting teacher who kindly help us based on different courses. This provides us opportunities to start collaboration in many different fields such as Building Technology, Ventilation Systems, Energy technologies, sustainable production development, IT and NET management, etc.


Hope to hear from you.



SSE- Stockholm School of Energy