SSE Programms at a Glance

The SSE programs provides a solid theoretical base combined with practical experience and skills training. After eighteen months of extensive studies, you will have a deeper understanding of business functions and increased confidence to take on new responsibilities.

– With the main focus on ENERGY business school in Sweden
– Real Live cases and pedagogy
– Emphasis on sustainability
– Conducted in English
– Extensive self-studies in between modules
– Based in Stockholm, Sweden
– Includes international field trips


Study Plan

Module 1: Theory and general information Credits Location/Date
SE-M1-110: Heat and Mass Transfer 5  
SE-M1-111: Smart Control 5  
SE-M1-112: CFD ( Computational Fluid Dynamic) 5  
SE-M1-113: Smart Energy Balance 5  
SE-M1-114: Energy & the Society 5  
SE-M1-115: Governance of Complex Energy Projects 5  
SE-M1-116: Leadership analytics of the energy sector for the future 5  
SE-M1-117: Future of The Energy Sector – Impact on Business & Management 5  
SE-M1-118: Consultancy Project 5  
Module 2: Low Energy Passive House Credits Location/Date
SE-M2-210: Ventilation Design 7.5
SE-M2-211: BEMS ( Building Energy Management system) 7.5  
Module 3:  New Energy Credits Location/Date
SE-M3-310: Solar Energy 7.5
SE-M3-311: Wind Energy 7.5  
Geothermal, Biomass    
Module 4: Petroleum Industry Credits Location/Date
 SE-M4-410: The Oil Fundamentals 7.5
SE-M4-411: The Gas & Power Business 7.5  
Module 5:  Energy economy Credits Location/Date
SE-M5-510: Energy Governance, Law, Policy & Regulations 7.5
SE-M5-511: Project Evaluation, Financing & Risk Management 7.5  
Module 6: Energy & Environment Credits Location/Date
SE-M6-610: Energy Transition in a Carbon Constrained World 7.5
SE-M6-611: Business Models for Green Energy Transition 7.5  
Module 7: Final Projects Credits Location/Date
SE-M7-710: Low Energy/ Passive House 30
SE-M7-711: New Energy 30  
SE-M7-118: Petroleum Industry 30  
SE-M7-712: Energy economy 30  
SE-M7-713: Energy & Environment 30  
Consultancy Project Presentation and Graduation   Location/Date